Experience and Efficiency

Before blower door tests even existed, James Weber was working as a journeyman carpenter. He was known as a dependable worker who excelled at his craft. When the Oil Embargo occurred during Jimmy Carter’s administration, James and his wife were raising four young kids.

Work in the trades was scarce, so James looked for a more stable opportunity.

Innovation that Saves

At around the same time, a man in Colorado conducted a makeshift “blower door” test by pressurizing a house with a fan in a window. Through this crude method he was able to detect air leakage, make improvements in sealing the house, and then measure the difference. Soon after, some guys in the building sciences industry located in Minneapolis, MN engineered and built the first blower doors. They named their company Minneapolis Blower Door.

James witnessed all of this first hand while performing the first-generation blower door tests. He had taken a job with the government to perform blower door tests on low-income housing in Minnesota. Performing the tests allowed the air leaks in houses to be addressed, saving taxpayers’ dollars in energy assistance.

Leading the Industry

Since then, James started his own general contracting company, has done contract work for the government in insulation testing, started Progressive Energy (one of the premier insulating contractors in the Twin Cities, MN), and now owns and operates Blower Door, MN along with his wife, Diane.

Experience that Works for You.

With James’ vast experience in the building trades, he knows how an entire house is put together. He also knows why and where air leaks are occurring. He can offer advice on affordable solutions and can address the areas where houses are losing heat. Along with his wife, Diane (who is the CFO), they have built a reputation for consistently going the extra mile.