Infrared Testing

Infrared Testing in the Twin Cities

Getting a Picture of Your Energy Use

Infrared Testing will show you in full color exactly where your home is letting in the cold and letting out the heat. With an IR scan of the interior of your home, you’ll be equipped with an actual picture of your energy consumption. You’ll be able to see the hot spots and cold spots on the walls and ceiling of your home.

Save Money and Stay Warmer with Infrared Imaging

When you can see heat leaving your home, it’s an entirely different conversation. 

You can begin to address problem areas and stop the airflow when you see where leaks are present. If the leaks are happening through your ceiling, usually the best solution is to address those bypasses from your attic. If your attic isn’t accessible, or if the problem areas aren't reachable, you can do some air sealing from inside your living space.

If leaks are happening in your walls—around your windows and doors—you can address those with weatherstripping or paintable silicone caulking.   

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