Duct Blast Testing in the Twin Cities

What is a Duct Blast Test?

Duct blasting is a home efficiency test where pressurized air is channeled through a structure’s ductwork. It allows homeowners to identify problem (leaky) areas in their duct work.

When air is leaking from ductwork, less of the heated air or cooled air is arriving at the intended space. This means that leaky duct work is a draw on your heating and cooling equipment by making them work harder to do their jobs.

How does Duct Blasting work?

A duct blasting test pushes air through a structure's ductwork. The increased pressure that the test pushes through ducts reveals areas of air leakage. It provides duct efficiency data to homeowners and auditors, so that you can identify and treat problem areas.

When leaking air from ductwork has been addressed, furnaces and air conditioning units operate more efficiently and homes are more comfortable. It saves energy and money for homeowners.

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